Control knobs
Knob with knurling teeth on O.D. and glue assembling aluminum cap on top
Material: NYLON or ABS
Diameter: 13 mm
Height: 18.2 mm

Rotary knob with recess indicator dot on top, triangular pointer on side, light texture finish
Diameter: 10.8 mm
Height: 15.3 mm
Shaft hole: 6 x 4.5 mm

Control knob with line/dot indicator, set screw fitting, available in four sizes
Material: PHENOLIC
Diameter: 19 mm, 23.8 mm, 28 mm, 33.5 mm
Height: 11.7 mm, 14.5 mm, 20.1 mm, 22.5 mm

Control knob with set screw
Material: ABS
Diameter: 20 mm
Height: 16 mm

Plastic knob with interchangeable multi-colored caps
Material: ABS
Diameter: 13 mm
Height: 16.5 mm

Plastic knob with aluminum capped cover, nut and slot headed set screw fitting
Material: ABS
Diameter: 20 mm
Height: 15 mm

Rotary knob with white square indicator on top, light texture finish
Material: ABS
Diameter: 23.8 mm
Height: 20.1 mm
Shaft hole: 6 mm, 18 teeth

Control knob with set screw, indicator on top
Material: ABS
Diameter: 16.5 mm
Height: 12.3 mm

Knurled plastic knob assembled with aluminum skirt and top Inlay, also available with calibrated graphics on skirt
Material: ABS
Diameter: 29.2 mm
Height: 17.8 mm

Fluted plastic knob with multi-colored plastic cap black indicator dot on top surface
Material: ABS
Diameter: 17 mm
Height: 17.2 mm

Mini plastic knob with an aluminum cap on top. Also available in molded plastic without any aluminum cap
Material: ABS
Diameter: 15.7 mm
Height: 10.0 mm

Control knob with D type shaft and spring clip
Material: ABS
Diameter: 44 mm
Height: 13 mm